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Is it really necessary to have a business card?

  1. Business cards give people the ability to follow up

When you meet someone and develop that instant rapport you want to give them a chance to follow up with you instantly without having to reach for a pen or their phone. In some instances statuses, roles and profiles will not allow for exchange of mobile numbers using devices. While technology has made it easier to exchange contacts by many other means, nothing can replace a business card.

  1. Business cards show that you are a professional

The littlest things we do send out the biggest messages. Something as simple as a business card is indicative that you took the time to actually put your information in a card. This immediately separates you from 99% of the other men out there who cannot identify themselves without having to narrate a story. Professional people do very little talking, they act professionally. The business world knows how to discern them.

  1. Having a business card helps create networks

If you decide to approach networking events then your business cards can serve the day and allow others to follow up on you regarding possible opportunities.

  1. Business cards can help make you referable

It is good to remember that random encounters with different people happen all the time. When they do, you always want to be prepared to take advantage of these meetings and the opportunities that could arise from them. To me there is no such thing as luck. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. In saying that make sure that you always have your business cards with you so when opportunity comes you are already prepared and you too may get “lucky” and find success.

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