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Effective outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a great way to get your business or event noticed, but it can be so easy to get it wrong. Here are some valuable tips to ensure that you nail your all important outdoor advertising campaign:

  • Careful planning and precision – In a world where we are ruled by the smartphone and advanced technology, the attention of the average person is drawn into the little screen in front of and not the advertising around them. You need to plan carefully and produce an idea that’s going to make them want to look away from their phones and break into that valuable attention span.
  • Make your outdoor tactics shareable – Your outdoor advertising needs the wow factor. Make people who see your adverts in the street want to stop, take a photo and share it on their social media pages.
  • Don’t waste money on low-traffic locations – You need as many eyes on your advertising campaign as possible for it to be as successful as it can be. Cheaper sites are often a waste of money as they don’t receive a lot of traffic. One site that gets a million views is better than five cheaper alternatives. But the true winning location is where highly relevant traffic will see your advertising.
  • Less is more – When it comes to messaging, you need to bear in mind that a little goes a long way. The interest of the viewer is one or two seconds maximum so you need to instantly grip them. Don’t ask too much of them and include a lot of text, keep it simple and let your stunning visuals do the work. Think of it as a conversation starter – intrigue not inform.
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