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What are indoor and outdoor advertising and how do they differ?

Indoor and outdoor advertising outlets both hold their own as successful advertising methods in their own right, but what are the differences? And are they effective when used together?

Indoor advertising is a type of advertising where messages and announcements about merchandise, events or services are published within a closed area that you control.

So, in everyday terms, advertising that you see in supermarkets, coffee shops, toilets, bus stations and sports clubs will all be examples of indoor advertising.

Forms of indoor advertising include:

Promotional posters
Floor graphics
Promotional stands
Information table
Light boxes
Pull up banners
Gross advertising

Outdoor advertising is anything that advertises your business, event or product outdoors can be classed as outdoor advertising.

Forms of outdoor advertising include:

Bus stop advertising
Banners, Flyers, Building wraps, Flags
Interior and exterior of buses, taxis and business vehicles
Outdoor signage

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