Allseas Pharmaceuticals is a leading distributor and supplier of all hospital equipment and consumables in Zimbabwe. Established in 2013, incorporated as Allseas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd, today we are the leading company in the distribution and supply of all medical, pharmaceutical, hygiene, beauty and health products in all major cities of Zimbabwe. We boast of a solid strategy and a sound corporate vision that ensure our efficiency in sourcing of our products from leading manufactrures around the globe. The dynamics of Allseas Pharmaceuticals Pvt, Ltd is a result of the important position it holds in the Zimbabwean market and it helps in achieving its major goal which is providing high level of service as well as immediate service to our clients. With the responsibility that possesses it, Allseas Pharmaceuticals (Ltd) binds to continue its important contribution in the eld of servicing the public through its pharmaceutical-members. At the same time it will continue to originate and create new horizons in the business section in order to improve the quality in people’s lives.